Project 2

Prof. Dr. Şule Erten Ela realized the "Sun Rising from the West" project for High School Students.



Project 1

Within the scope of the Fall Course organized by the "Board of European Students of Technology (BEST)" community at Ege University, on 8/September/ 2022, Prof. Dr. The “Flexible and Lightweight New Generation Solar Cells” course was organized by Şule Erten Ela. Students from all over the world, including Austria, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Russia, Denmark, Slovakia, Belgium, Portugal, Croatia, Prof. Dr. She followed the work done by Şule Erten Ela within the Solar Energy Institute and the production of New Generation Paint Sensitive Solar Cells, Organic Solar Cells and Perovskite Solar Cells. Stating that they were very impressed with the new generation technology production studies and the quality of scientific studies at Ege University Solar Energy Institute, the young people stated that they wanted to take part in the new generation technological developments. The young people who took happy memories photos stated that the education they received was very important for them.





























1. New Generation Illuminated by Solar Energy (I)
2. New Generation Illuminated by Solar Energy (II)

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